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  • CellPhone Repair Shop

    Screen Repair

    At Alohateh, we pride ourselves on swift screen repair services and top-notch quality parts for your cell phone. Our expert technicians ensure a fast turnaround, allowing you to stay connected without interruptions. Trust Alohateh for reliable and efficient cell phone repairs, where speed meets quality. CellPhone Repair Shop.

  • Quick cell phone repair

    Cell Phone Battery Repair

    Is your phone draining fast, overheating, or randomly shutting down? It might be time for a new battery!

  • Cell phone repair specialists

    iPhone Back Glass Repair

    Did your iPhone's back glass break? Come to Alohatech and we will repair the back glass of your iPhone from iPhone 8 to iPhone 15

  • CellPhone Repair In Goose Creek

    SmartPhone Water Damage

    Even with water-resistant features, smartphones can still suffer water damage. Quick action and professional repair can save your device.

  • CellPhone Repair Free Estimate

    Charging Port Repair

    Experiencing slow charging, intermittent connection, or difficulty plugging in? It's a sign your phone's charging port may need replacing.

  • 30 days warranty, CellPhone repair

    Logic board Repair

    At Alohatech, our skilled technicians specialize in intricate repairs, including motherboard restoration, ensuring comprehensive solutions for your device. We go the extra mile to revive your phone and retrieve valuable data, prioritizing both functionality and data security.

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Free Diagnostics

With our free diagnostic service, our team of technicians can quickly identify the problem with your phone. Once we identify the problem, our team can offer you the best solution that fits your budget. We do it for free

Quick Repair process

The repair process is fast and convenient. Over 70% of repairs are completed within 30 minutes.

Qualified professionals

You can be confident that your device will be repaired correctly and safely. Save time, money and avoid the frustration of having a phone that doesn't work.

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