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Drone Repair Services in Goose Creek, SC

Alohatech is a leading company specializing in gadget repairs, with a particular expertise in drone repair services. From addressing software glitches to optimizing flight performance and replacing damaged parts, Alohatech ensures that your drone operates at its peak potential. What sets us apart is our commitment to convenience – no matter where you are in the United States, you can rely on us to receive your device via mail for prompt and professional repair services. Simply get in touch with us to receive a personalized quote and let us take care of the rest.

Drone Repair Services

Mavic Series, Air Series, Mini Series

If you're wondering if your crashed drone can be repaired, the answer is yes. Here at Alohatech we can make your Drone Fly again. Our technicians are qualified to repair DJI Mavic Series, Air Series and Mini Series Drones. We can repair your Crashed Drone.


Evo II Series, Evo Lite Series, Evo Nano Series

FlyRepair specializes in Autel Robotics drone repair, ensuring swift and reliable service for drone enthusiasts worldwide. With expert technicians and quality parts, we restore drones to their peak performance, providing peace of mind to pilots and enabling uninterrupted aerial adventures

Drone Repair Services
FIMI Drone Repair

FIMI X8 Pro, FIMI X8 Mini, FIMI X8SE 2022, FIMI X8SE 2020, FIMI A3

We also offer repair services for FIMI Drone. Drone Camera Repairs, Software Problems, Drone Motor, Damaged propeller, ESC board malfunction, Drone Water damage, Undetectable GPS, Faulty batteries. If Your Drone is not working well we can help.

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If you can’t find a local repair shop to fix your drone, we offer you the option of mailing in your broken drone.

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